We are not an venture capital investment firm or “Internet lender” nor broker.

Unlike an equity investment firm, extraordinary growth or huge market opportunities and exit strategies are not required.

  • Are you having problems raising funds through capital markets or unsecured bank loans?
  • What happens when you have an abundance of orders to fill and no cash or credit to fill them?
  • Are you faced with diminishing cash flow issues and need to accelerate how quickly customers pay your invoices?
  • Do your operations extend across U.S. national borders?


We understand that you are a real business and not just a fundable one.


With so many founders defaulting to fundraising, many are missing the opportunity to discover the true value of their company for themselves. It’s time to uncovered your sales channel that you’ve underappreciated and overlooked and get to the heart of the customer’s issues that were keeping a deal from getting signed. When you put your focus on customers, you’ll soon understand why you were slow to close, and then close them.


What if, rather than spend the next 8–12 weeks chasing a round of funding, you threw all of that energy over the next 6 weeks into closing those sales that were slow or those partners who’ve been dragging their feet instead?

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Simply put, our core business is to provide you with a customized funding solution and/or issue letters of credit specific to your needs, for companies just like yours.  Let us show you, how we can help you!

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At the third annual Goldman Sachs Research Innovation Symposium, we asked a handful of participating leaders and innovators about the most significant developments they see unfolding in their fields. Here they discuss what has them excited about new players in space. VIEW VIDEO 2017 INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM [3:08]









The Be Remarkable Group, Inc. is a members of the Be Sensitive Network, a portion of our profits are provisioned to the Be Sensitive Foundation in support of Be Remarkable Projects.