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“I think we have the opportunity to make huge inroads into helping to cure diseases, drug delivery that doesn’t cause side effects, cars that are autonomous. We’re just really at the very beginning of this whole journey.” – Nigel Toon, CEO of Graphcore, Ltd, on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

“The latest Silicon Valley tech trends are moving from concepts to reality and creating new opportunities for investors in the process.”- Brook Dane of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Fundamental Equity Group.



We fund small & medium enterprises.

Unlike an equity investment firm, extraordinary growth or huge market opportunities and exit strategies are not required.

Simply put, our core business is to provide you with a customized funding solution and/or issue letters of credit specific to your needs, for companies just like yours.




Our alliance partners have provided more than $1 billion of capital in over 250 public and private companies worldwide.

  • Are you having problems raising funds through capital markets or unsecured bank loans?
  • What happens when you have an abundance of orders to fill and no cash or credit to fill them?
  • Are you faced with diminishing cash flow issues and need to accelerate how quickly customers pay your invoices?
  • Do your operations extend across U.S. national borders?


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At the third annual Goldman Sachs Research Innovation Symposium, we asked a handful of participating leaders and innovators about the most significant developments they see unfolding in their fields. Here they discuss what has them excited about new players in space. VIEW VIDEO 2017 INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM [3:08]


 Affiliates Agents Are Also Welcomed!

We’re always pleased to hear from professionals and member organizations with clients in need of customized funding solutions.

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The Be Remarkable Group, Inc. is a members of the Be Sensitive Network, a portion of our profits are provisioned to the Be Sensitive Foundation in support of Be Remarkable Projects.