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    The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. We must respond by funding manufacturing programs that ensure people have the skills they will need to succeed in the new economy.

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    We believe that innovation-driven ideas for change is a  critical component to strengthening the collective movement to improve our production systems.

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    This community is where you as an educators come can help identify issues that impact our economy, collaborate on solutions and empower programs that ensure communities have access to innovative projects.

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    We enable advocates for inventors to engage with each others, to come together and discover new solutions that help meet their develop’needs while elevating their profession.

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    We seek to ensure innovation projects are empowered to inspire a new generation of social contributors to the benefit of our global community.

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    Most of the features you will see here cannot be found anywhere else because the developers spent thousands of hours<strong> </strong>building them. We want you to have an <strong>unique experience</strong>.


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